Short Biography

Miguel Santos is an artist and a researcher. His practice intersects art and science perspectives to investigate notions of subjectivity and its relation with nature, which he explores in the formulation of installations, sculptures, videos and photographic works.

In 2011, he was awarded a PhD in Fine Arts from Sheffield Hallam University for the research project: ‘Poetics of the Interface: Creating Works of Art that Engage in Self-Reflection’, which aimed at understanding the value of artists employing noise (disturbances) in the production of interfaces (i.e. films, videos, photographs, sculptures, etc.) and its implications on the observer’s interpretation and formation of the work of art.

A strong interest in art and science collaborations resulted in several artistic residences, for example: at the German Cancer Research Centre (Heidelberg, Germany) introducing artists to synthetic biology methodologies and at the Geography Department, Durham University (UK) investigating the river Wear with a grant from the Leverhulme Trust.

Miguel Santos is curious about the possibilities and implications of producing works of art for nonhuman beings and geomorphic systems in an attempt to decenter the human importance in the world.